Thursday, December 27, 2007

Entrepreneurs in a Race Rat

Apparently, many people nowadays would want to embark the world of business since they would want to become lucrative by simply concocting the formula of success. And that is their desire and ability to handle a business entity and bearing the notion, that risks are extremely part of the race.

I strongly believed that entrepreneurs were not born but they are made. Primarily, people possess intrinsic, innate, and genetic talents and skills. However, it doesn’t mean that they are bound to become entrepreneurs just because of the bequest and what they have inherited from their parents but rather, the skills and the desire to embark business can be learned in the long run. It can also be developed and honed through relative experience that would somehow lead them and reach them the verge of pedestal.

Most entrepreneurs were not born, they learned how to become entrepreneurs in a race. The recent proliferation of colleges and university courses on the subject supports this point. Reaching the verge of being under the school’s tutelage would be of great help in becoming a successful entrepreneur since the knowledge you have inculcated in an alma mater can be considered a great tool for that profession. Ergo, entrepreneurship is being taught and learned.

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