Sunday, February 17, 2008

Friday escapde

It was a great friday for us Angels of the Lord (Rosary group) for we had a great time together with the birthday celebrant Rikki Montero who is now taking up his Theology Degree at St. Francis Xavier Regional Major Seminary at Catalunan Grande, Davao City. We had some chit-chats about his experiences while staying in the seminary, his happy and strict moments with the Rectors and a his sullen days whenever he misses his family but still trying to diminished those gloomy days for he believes that there is more to life just like serving and knowing God. Though only a few of us went to the seminary to throw him a small birthday party but still it was made possible and Kuya King was so happy because of that surprised.

The fun never stops there when we had a long hike on our way to the main high way. We passed by different diocesan sanctuary, seminary and universities such as The St. Francis Xavier Seminary, PM Sisters, Holy Adoration Chapel for Pink Sisters and I forgot to capture photos for the other two's. Well, it was indeed a great friday for us journey .

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