Friday, February 22, 2008

Joy strike 2

I was waiting for my twin sis Joy to arrive from work because I need to ask her where she put my USB chord for the Digicam. It’s just that I have to upload the pictures I got awhile ago while I was preparing a desert for my mom and dad and also a few pictures of our dinner. When I asked her about it, she just responded with a shrug that really made me mad at her because of being so irresponsible. She even can’t remember where she placed it and surmised that she had lost it in the office. Learning about it, I was really enraged then and keep on blaming her because of that. I told her that she can’t borrow anything from me not unless she finds that USB chord. That’s a deal! This is actually her second time losing something from me. Hope this would be her last or else.. (never mind)Lol..

Anyway, good thing is I remember that I have another USB chord from my Ipod which is match to the lost USB chord for the DigiCam. But the problem is still I can’t find it here in the drawer. I kept searching everywhere but still no USB Chord has found. I’m really so desperate to find it but looking it for an hour or two is just a waste of time. I still have so many things to do and I am very sleepy now. I guess I will start rummaging the house tomorrow so that I can put these pictures here on my blog and it's also 1:10am here... Lol... Alright, gotta sleep now.. sleep tight everyone.

Catsy is now signing off.

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