Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Do Kitties have souls?

Last Saturday, I was really taken aback when I learned that one of our beloved cats named Totat the black one died from a severe illness. Our neighboring kids found him in the vacant lot near our house while they were playing bahay-bahayan (playhouse). Pathetically, we didn’t see his dead body for my mom immediately let him buried by our helper. I almost burst out into tears when I learned about it for I have already attached myself to this cat and to all of my 10 cats as well, now there are only 8 left. When he was still alive, he keeps on purring and meowing (murmuring) something we don’t understand of course, as if he’s implying something. His meow is quite peculiar from those of my other cats because it is prolonged, it gives a thud though during at night. But anyway that’s all about it! He’s just hungry and he wants to find a female cat! However, those fabrics of happiness will come into halt for he’s now gone.

So with my other orange kitten named Mingcai who also died just this morning because of her nose becoming numb and her unexplainable condition. I have already noticed her feeble condition yesterday, of not eating any food and she’s almost bed ridden. So as a quick remedy, I feed her a milk with a pinch of antibiotic (Cefuroxime which I got when I was still working before in a Pharmaceutical industry) sort of an Anti-bacterial only for humans. Actually it’s safe I guess coz I’ve been feeding my other cats with this antibiotic together with milk if they are sick and luckily all of them get well. Unfortunately Mingcai didn’t make it and excruciatingly died because of her ailment. As much as I want to bring those living things in a veterinarian to save their lives, but still it’s too late and of no use, it’s too costly and I have no enough money to bring them in a Vet. Well I just hope and pray that God will bring their souls into heaven, only if they have souls. Farewell Totat nd Mincai. You both will always be treasured in our hearts.

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