Friday, February 1, 2008

My Sister's Treat..

These are some of the pictures taken yesterday when my elder sister Erica decided to treat me and my twin sis joy... I thought it's her payday but its not, she just wanted to have this bonding moment with her beautiful sisters (LoL) since it has been a long time ago when we had our ladies out. When we arrived at SM (one of the shopping malls here in Davao) , we immediately headed to a photo studio for some chic snapshots, then did a little strolling and shopping and when we got exhausted, we proceeded at Bigby’s to fill our stomachs. We ordered several dishes which encompass Rodeo Chops, Tsunami Chips, Fudgie Sensation, Choco Loco, Spice Safari Pasta, Midnight Dream, and Strawberry Milkshake. Whew! What a heavy dinner we had, but of course we didn’t consume the entire foodstuff that we ordered so we decided to take it as a Pasalubong for our Mom and Dad who were left in the house. When the mall was about to closed, my sister Erica opted to visit the People’s Park since she haven’t been there yet and it would be her first time to visit the talked about park here in Davao and so I immediately drove them off to the park. It was already 11pm when we went home worrying who’s gonna open the door for us. Good thing is my Dad is still awake watching some News on TV. Well, here are some of the Pics I got from our Ladies Out...

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