Friday, February 8, 2008

Pampering One's Self

Well what I just did today is not quite peculiar since I only do my routinary activities..haha.. Yes! You got it right, I'm jobless, and now embracing the world where people who works at home, couching on their computer chairs and making money online though. I just resigned from my exhausting job in the bank because I believe I can do something good and great for my self one's I will concentrate here on my online habitat. Anyway, going back to my routine, it has always been my passion to watch every morning this cartoon series Detective Conan for it merely purports murder cases. I really like watching it, deciphering cases, unraveling the culprits and of course, it is solely done and solved by this cute guy named Conan. I have also updated my several blogs, do little household chores, took my brunch for I always wake up at around 11am and then take some rests. Several minutes have passed when I decided to watch Transformer from the DVD which my BF and I bought yesterday and also watched it in the Cinema when I was still in Manila for I just want to watch it all over again. The movie was indeed great and didn't resort any apathy watching it repeatedly. It ended around 2pm and decided to take a nap for my eyes were beginning to drop and sleeping would also somehow ease my headache. An hour have passed, my mom just arrived from work so helped her carry on with her things and did some cooking in the kitchen. After that, went back to my blogging routine and again updated my several blogs. Well, that's indeed a tireless job for me.. Indeed a day to rejuvenate my mind and spirit after the exhausting job in the office.

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