Tuesday, February 19, 2008

System's Down

Hello Everyone! I really do apologize because my other Blog Roll list is down and having a systems error. Actually it's a different blog rolling system because it's my BF alone who programmed that linker just only for the two of us. But he's doing his best and trying to fix the errors in awhile. So for those names/links who isn't listed on my other Blog Roll list, my deepest apology. If only I myself could instantly fix that error in just one snap of my finger, then I will do it for you my readers and co-blogger's sake. Don't worry guys, I still have all your names/links on my list and if in case he can't fix that error in two days, that I will start transferring your links on the other Blog Roll list so please bear with me. Hence, for those who wanted to exchange links with me, I can still add your links on my other Blog Roll list. Just drop a message if so.. Anyway, thanks for dropping by my page and hope you will have a great day ahead!

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