Friday, February 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Friday Edition- Mix and Shake it!


Well as promised yesterday got here the pics.. After so many hours of searching the USB chord, finally found it in my twin sis’ room. Too bad for my twin sis, I ransacked through her room but didn't return all those things in place, though.. Lol..I thought she lost it on her office as what she stated yesterday. Well I guess she’s just making an alibi to evade her from those things I’ve been telling her, maybe she's got irritated. hehe.. And our deal? Umm.. Still subject for deliberation.. Haha.. Anyway, the photo shows a glass of crushed Mais( Corn) Con Yelo (Ice). All the ingedients such as Milk, Corn kernels, ice cubes and sugar are processed under a blender. On top of it is a pinch or pieces of Corn Kernels and served with slices of Mango. My mom also and cooked the Pansit( Noodle) as our Viand for dinner. Pansit is a tasty fried rice-noodle dish, similar to chow mein or pad thai, most often served at parties with adobo, rice and other Filipino dishes. Alright that’s all for tonight.. Have to park my eyes now and bid you all goodnight.. *wink*


Michelle said...

Is the first one a drink or more like a soup? Looks interesting.

Catsy said...

hi michelle.. yes it's a sort of a yummy shake loaded with corn kernels and mango bits..