Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blog, hop and make friends!

I have been blogging for quite sometime and I found it very interesting and addicting. There are times that I am almost pegged with my chair facing the PC and doing my favorite thing: hop, update, and advertise on blogs. Way back October of last year, I was at first very skeptical and very lazy upon updating my blog, because I know it will just exhaust my mind thinking of so many things on what to write on my blog. But when I was informed that blogging can help you earn extra bucks by just writing, it have somehow helped me dig my excitement and continue with the field. Until such time that my blog has been approved by Smorty. Basically, Smorty help advertisers connect with bloggers who will write about their products and services. Aside from earning extra income from this company, it will somehow hone your skills in writing and to top it all, you can also gain myriads of friends around the world. Wow! That is really something! Until now, I never resorted my self to any apathy and still continue doing my thing: hop, update, and advertise on blogs.

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