Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tips for a better sleep

I physically exhaust myself before I sleep. I try to do some sort of exercise daily but not before sleeping.

  1. Don’t take any caffeine before sleeping. It’s tough to sleep with an energy drink in you. I know first hand.
  2. Try to sleep at a temperature around 65 F. You sleep better at certain temperatures.
  3. Keep the room dark. I usually don’t need to do this, but for some it is important.
  4. Try to sleep in the same room. It should not be the room you work in because you look at your desk you start thinking about work.
  5. Reading before sleeping is good. Read something boring, an interesting book will keep you awake longer. Read something like an encylopedia or the dictionary if you start getting desperate.
  6. Sometimes quiet soothing music helps. Classical music, but quiet and slower. Fiery, energetic music like the 1812 Overture or the Firebird Suite are not recommended.
One of the best thing that we could do over the night is to get enough sleep. Take this a little piece of advice.

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Josh of Arabia said...

i really need this sleeping tips..i've been nocturnal for a year, now..