Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Snapshot-Saturday Trippin'

(Warming at Bo's Cafè which is located along the busy streets of Torres)

(Singing out Loud at Cats & Dogs)

(candid Shot dw at Microtel) LoL!

Since we don't know where to go after our Coffee trip at Bo's Coffee and Videoke galore at Cats and Dogs, the 3 of us just ended up having a road trip and landed at Damosa Complex. We just thought of visiting the different bars on the place but to our dismay, the places were already jam-packed with so many people and we can no longer find a seat. So, we just decided to roam around the place and stopped over near Microtel and took some pics. It's already 2 in the morning when me and my twin sis drove home.. So exhausted while driving and my pretty sis just went to sleep at the back seat.. Hmmp! Pasaway talaga d man lang nkipag exchange sken mgdrive and we have to travel 15 kms pa nmn to reach home. Lol.. Anyway, got awards from my mom when we got home.. Lol.. I mean we're being reprimanded since we forgot to text them..

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HonEy BunnY said...

wow i loved your last picture its awesome ..... it shows you enjoyed great that saturday ha ha enjoy take care...!!!