Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wishlist: Camcorders

It’s gonna be my payday! I will be receiving my salary from my work and other extra bucks from my blogging! Whew! Right now, I really have a lot in mind on what will I do with that money that I’ll be getting. Finally could pay all my flooding bills, from utilities to credit cards to insurance and other bills. And would probably buy a set new clothes, a pair of jeans and shoes because my old shoes is already worn out. As if I’m really receiving a big amount of money. Lol... While it is not a large amount, I will stay save a portion from it for my wish list. That’s right I’m planning to buy something chic and techi, quite expensive which I believe it could be very useful for big events which such as parties, weddings, baptisms and any gatherings. Probably if I can collate enough money until May I can really buy this gizmo. Did it ring a bell?

Anyway, among my wish list, I am planning to buy a
Sony Camcorder specifically Sony DCR-DVD108 DVD Handycam Camcorder with 40x Optical Zoom or probably a Canon XH-A1 Canon Camcorder. And the best outlet to check the available prices for these gadgets over the net is at Have checked their site and read about their Camcorder reviews. The top 5 camcorders were being featured on their site were totally great and affordable. I was really amazed to see those fabulous digital camcorders they are offering that suits my budget. I’m really so excited to buy one(hopefully). Further, capturing special moments with these gadgets could really last a lifetime that’s why I’m saving up every penny I earned in my work and in my blogging so that I could buy one.

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Mama Joy said...

wow. ganda nga nun. :)

pag may sukli ka pa pautang. :D hehehe