Friday, August 21, 2009

moving forward...

Good eveing guys!!

It’s nice to be back in my own personal abode where I can express the simple ME.. Believe the last time I posted here was 3 months ago thus deeply regret for not showing up for such a long time since I was really busy with some other things. Not to mention my work per se but as well as my personal conundrums that try to put myself in a stressful and busy mode and lastly, being online at FB.

Well I guess most of you are well aware what FB means.. Yes, I’m referring to the most talked about, the rampant social network in the web, Facebook. I’m speaking plainly here and I’m not doing a review for FB or whatsoever but I’m just indeed hooked with it. Better try and see for yourself then. I’ve been updating it I guess every night when I got home. I always check any updates from my friends and special persons who have been in lost contact with me for several years.Anyhow, I’ll be posting here my experiences and escapades while not keeping you guys posted for that span of time. Five to twenty minutes of updating this blog would not entirely eat up my “personal online thing”. So ‘till here and I shall return tomorrow.. Byers!

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