Saturday, November 17, 2007

Japan's Princess

It is the customary way of Japan to impose the patriarchal system which is the only male rule sitting in the Chrysanthemum throne in view of the fact that women are considered as only temporary caretakers and it is very impossible for a woman to become an empress. The pregnancy of a Princess is in deed a great deal for the government because only male born child or male heirs can be considered as the ruler of the Chrysanthemum throne and this has become part of Japan’s culture and system for myriad centuries.

But recently, Japan now was facing the verge of succession crisis and turmoil given that seven women (empress) ascended the throne for 1,500 years and no boy has been born to the imperial family since 1960’s. Hence, it was reported in the news that the government has nothing to do with this kind of dilemma and had proposed that Princess Aiko, daughter of Prince Naruhito and Princess Masako will be the next to be enthroned in the Chrysanthemum throne.

As I gave a deep scrutiny on this article, I can say that Japan is indeed a noble and organized country because even if they fail to follow their patriarchal system, they still consider that women has a big role in the community and can do what can men do. Anyone has the capacity in some way to have dominion over his/her country regardless of what gender you have only if he/she has the will and determination to do what is ought to be done.

I also believed that all are born equal in this world, so no matter what gender you have, be grateful, think that you can control and have power to do what is right for the welfare of your country. If you always look at the brighter side of the coin and have faith in God, nothing is impossible.

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