Thursday, November 8, 2007

Who is God for many?

A God who “causes” or “allows” the suffering of a melancholic life of child is morally intolerable.” This idea is also excruciating and unbearable and it is something I strongly disagree because I believe that there are reasons why these unfathomable, bizarre, and eccentric things are happening in the world. “Man is created in the image and likeness of God.” In God’s image and likeness, we are consequently the instruments of God, stewards of his creation and we are therefore having dominion and freedom in this world.

Let us put it in the context of a programmer. As a programmer, God made His own system that encompasses the whole human race, and his worldly possessions, he called it World. He created the world with enthusiasm, fervor, passion, hope, faith and above all love. Then after seeing his creation, his was not contented with it so he made his greatest masterpiece above all kind, humans. He made all those treasures in his own preferences and of His purpose. He designs, debugs and fixes the system to make it definitely working. It functioned impeccably but there is also what we call the hackers, viruses, wicked, malevolence, the evil ones, who deliberately attack and damage the system and causes it to malfunctioned, wither and become weak.

If you are the programmer itself, would you allow these things to happen? Will you be happy that these will be withered, shattered in just one snap of your finger? Of course not, instead you’ll fix it and find out what would be the remedies to stop these combative attacks. Then you create systems that could counter and defy those attacks and fixes the damages that had been done. Tantamount with the highest glory, God he will also do the same nevertheless; God has no control of these evils, like the programmer. Perhaps, this could be the reasons why there is what we call Angels.

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