Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Filipinos, Free at Last!

I admire the superb resolution Rudyard Kipling made in his poem entitled the White Man’s Burden though it somehow purports barbaric and brutal implication but nevertheless it stresses the significance over a certain country. Its paradigm depicts the imperialism within the U.S. It is the warfare between the Philippines and U.S that is, the subjugation and conquest of the Americans to the captives over the Spaniards, who are the Filipinos.

Through a deep scrutiny, I have somehow grasped the picture how the Filipinos became so pathetic and suffered from the hands and unscrupulous tutelage of the Spaniards, since they became submissive and were treated as slaves. Their melancholic way of living and their passivity simply came to a halt until such time when the Americans emancipated the Filipinos from the vindictive Spaniards. The Americans fought the Spaniards and thus surrendered the prize (Filipinos) and wanted to dominate and colonize the Philippines. Here, the gist tells us that the motive of the Americans over liberating the Filipino was to claim another’s profit or another gain.

Furthermore, by the time the Philippines were being unhampered from the Spaniards, still they have been under the nose of the U.S, following what they wanted to do for them, nevertheless, the Filipinos still praised them for saving their lives and their morose voice of freedom from the Spaniards. The Americans brought an advance pace of economy, education and industrialization to the Philippines and these benefits encompass the food as the staple of market, education, up to now we acquired the western language, infrastructures and medicines since the fatal diseases were very prevalent during those times. That is why they bring all hope to the Philippines for liberating the captives.

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