Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Road Trip to Tagum

It was strenuous & chilling but fun since it’s gonna be my first time to drive from Davao to Tagum vice versa and the proximity of distance is approximately 78kms. Together with joy my twin sister & kuya Brian, we accompanied Erica my elder sister to take her new PC set and her other belongings to her new apartment in Tagum. We headed around 11am and reached Panabo to take our Lunch at around 12:30. After 30 mins of break, we continued our journey, have seen picturesque spots, and finally dropped at NCCC in Tagum at 1:30 pm to buy a Computer Table as a complement for her new PC Set.

As we approached her apartment, we immediately installed the PC and mounted the computer table and after an hour or two, one of the Smart Bro installer arrived to set up Erica's Internet Connection. Finally it was all set at 5:30pm and decided to go home since it's a long way back going Davao and I'm quite afraid to take the wheels since the pavements are dim so joy decided to do so. But when we reached Carmen, Erica told me that there were some checkpoints going ahead so I took the drive instead and runs pathetically at 40kph.. he he...

Well, we have also seen and take some snapshot of the astounding scenery on our way home. Attached are the pictures my twin sister and I took using a phone camera since we forgot to bring our digicam.
It was already scattered with rain showers when we reached Davao at 7:30pm and since it was still early we had just decided to drop by at Victoria Plaza and at SM to buy some stuff. I was very tired then and reached our home sweet home at 11pm but still wearing a smile on my face for that treasured experience in my life. Seize the Day!!

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