Friday, February 15, 2008

Sing with me guys

Funny how it is but I actually did it! Recording my own voice while singing one of my favorite songs entitled "So Slow"popularized by greatest band here in the Philippines The Freestyle.. Hope it doesn't sound like a thud and hope you will like it.. I had a hard time recording this one because I had to upload this first on imeem to get the code and it's bludgeoning 2 hours for me to grab it.(maybe it's our connection that makes the uploading very slow and also the virtual memory is very low as well)Have to do some cleaning here sometime.. Anyways, I'm not really good at singing ( it's my passion though) but still have givenmy best shot on that song.. Lol..Hope you will still visit me here despite of that unwanted voice.. Happy valentines Days to y'all!

1 comment :

Lyn said...

How sweet is your voice, it is natural and very nice to hear, I LIKE IT!!!! You are such a joy to read and listen to, I am so glad that you stopped by my site, for you are someone I can appreciate... Nice job!!!! Take care and keep singing, we want more~~~~:))))